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Super Sprox Gold Stealth Hybrid Rear Sprocket (478.46)


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Supersprox-stealth means longer life, without compromising weight. They last 3 times longer than an all aluminum sprocket and remain as light as possible. It’s about performance and function first and last. Supersprox-stealth is infinitely better than steel! You just can’t achieve this level of strength on a steel sprocket with the same weight. Sure, there are light steel sprockets out there, but they can’t handle the torque. Pound (lb) for foot pound (ft/lbs), Supersprox-stealth is the best.   Compatible Bikes:
Manufacturer Model Year
Kawasaki 400 Ninja - Japan 2014-2017
Kawasaki 400 Ninja R - Japan 2014-2017
Kawasaki EN650 AFF,AGF,CHF Vulcan-S 2015-2017
Kawasaki EN650 BFF,BGF,DHF,DJF Vulcan-S ABS 2015-2018
Kawasaki EN650 EFH,EJF Vulcan-S Cafe ABS 2018
Kawasaki ER6f (EX650 A6F,A7F,A8F,B6F,B7F,B8F,D9F,DAF,DBF) 2006-2011
Kawasaki ER6f (EX650 ECF,EDS,EEF,EFF,FGF) 2012-2016
Kawasaki ER6n (ER650 A6F,A7F,A8F,B6F,B7F,B8F,B9F,CAF,CBF) 2006-2011
Kawasaki ER6n (ER650 ECF,EDS,EEF,EFF,EGF,FGF) 2012-2016
Kawasaki EX650 A6F,A7F,A8F Ninja 650R - USA 2006-2012
Kawasaki EX650 CAF,CBF,ECF,EDS,EEF,EFF,EGF Ninja 650R - USA 2010-2017
Kawasaki EX650 FDS,FEF,FFF,FGF,KHF Ninja 650 ABS - USA 2013-2017
Kawasaki EX650 KHF,KJF Ninja 650 ABS 2017-2018
Kawasaki EX650 Ninja 650R KRT ABS - USA 2017
Kawasaki KLE650 A7F,A8F,A9F,CAF,CBF,CCF,CDF,DEF,FGF,FHF,FJF Versys 2007-2018
Kawasaki KLE650 B7F,B8F,B9F,DAF,DBF Versys ABS 2007-2011
Kawasaki KLE650 Versys City 2011
Kawasaki KLE650 Versys LT 2016
Kawasaki KLE650 Versys Tourer 2011
Kawasaki Z650 (ER650 GHF) 2017
Kawasaki Z650 ABS (ER650 HHF,HJF) 2017-2018