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4 - Michelin Reinforced Heavy Duty Inner Tube


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Michelin 70/100-19 Airstop Reinforced Heavy Duty Tube.

Popular upgrade for the off road rider. This heavy duty tube is a direct fitment for the Sur-Ron LB LBX and L1E E Dirt Bike front or rear rim.Features:
  • Michelin Airstop tubes are made with 100% butyl rubber, preferred for its ability to maintain air pressure over long periods of time
  • Butyl is also highly resistant to wear and friction, and easily repaired
  • Unlike inexpensive tubes, which are made from straight sections of rubber tube formed into a circle, Michelin Airstop tubes are manufactured and cured in a circular mold
  • This method reduces tension on the tube when inflated, and diminishes the likelihood of pinch flats
  • Reinforced tubes are perfect for off-road applications, for enhanced protection against punctures
  • 70/100-19"
  • TR4 Valve
  • 2.5mm Thick
  • Fits Front 19" Tyres