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KO Swing Arm Upgrade for Sur-Ron LBX & L1E



One of the best handling upgrades available for the Surron, the KO Moto swingarm extends the wheelbase by 50mm, improving rear end grip and ground clearance and making the bike much more capable off road. The improved strength and at only 2.9Kg of Aluminium with included stunt pegs, those wanting to stunt their Surron will see a big improvement in the lack of flex and responsiveness. Available in multiple colour combinations to match any build.


  • ∙Rugged 6061 Aluminium CNC construction, with high quality finish.
  • ∙50mm additional extension (compared with stock Sur-Ron design)
  • ∙Weight approx. 2.9kg
  • ∙High quality anodising
  • ∙Highest quality tensile bolts
  • ∙Stunt pegs included
  • ∙Chain protector in plastic
  • ∙Self-assembly required

UK Warranty

Warranty becomes effective from the date of purchase, from an authorised retailer. Warranty is only valid for the initial purchasing customer and is not transferable thereafter. KO reserve the right to modify or change this product without notice. For full warranty details and registration of the Warranty, this MUST be completed by the purchaser, on the KO website at the following:


The warranty periods listed above are subject to the intended use conditions and does not cover wanton misuse, damage, operation outside listed specifications, or operation outside of the intended use for the motor and controller (which is as an upgrade part to the Sur-Ron and Talaria Motorcycles exclusively at 60v or 72v nominal voltage).​Warranty is void on any product which has been modified in any way. This includes 3rd party repairs, soldering, modifications to the casing, or repairs using 3rd party parts. The validity of a warranty claim will always be at the sole discretion of KO Technologies. Any warranty claim must first be validated by proof of purchase from either the KO Moto website, or from one of the authorised dealers. Then returned to one of the KO repair centres, Once received KO will assess the issue and decide on the validity of the claim. The purchaser will also be liable for the cost of shipping to the repair centre, where if the claim is deemed valid, they will receive a full refund of the cost of the shipping. Once a claim is validated KO will make the decision on whether to repair or replace the item at their sole discretion.​ As a part of the warranty agreement KO will replace or repair defective products and parts only. This warranty does not cover the cost of any repairs to your bike from non-authorized third parties and they reserve the right to withhold the cost of any labour cost conducted as part of a repair service.