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The RFN M.O.N.S.T.E.R Bundle includes:

  • 1 x Decal kit:

Apollo RFN Rally Pro Mons Decal Kit includes a decal for the plastic panels on the bike, when applying the decals to the plastic, it is advised to clean the surface of the plastic with a degreaser and ensure the plastic is contaminant free and dry before applying decals, when applying decals a heat gun may be used but be careful not to apply too much heat as a small amount of heat if needed should only be used to help the decal adhere and allow the decal to be manipulated if need be.

Decals Included:
  • Front Number Board Decal
  • Front Fender Decal
  • Rear Fender Decal
  • Front Left Fairing Decal
  • Front Right Fairing Decal
  • Left Seat Fairing Decal
  • Right Seat Fairing Decal
  • Front Wheel Rim Decal
  • Rear Wheel Rim Decal
  • Right Fork Guard Decal
  • Left Fork Guard Decal
2 x Hand Guards:
  • Universal fitment. Clamp Size 22mm.
  • Ultra lightweight, provide excellent protection and help keep your throttle and levers clean in muddy conditions.
  • Reinforced impact resistant plastic construction and brackets for high levels of protection and flex in the event of a crash.
  • Secure -nylock nuts to ensure a solid fitment when the going gets tough.
  • High grade polyurethane covers with technosel decals - made to last!
1  x Shock Guard:
  • Universal Fitment.
  • High quality printed decal.
  • Protects rear shock from corrosion and abrasive material.
  • Zip up design to maintain rigidity.