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RK Chain Link 520 ZXW Black Scale Rivet Connecting Link


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New Generation Hyper Performance RK-XW Sealed Chain RKs flagship model.The ZXW Series were developed to meet the spec of the latest models of extreme superbikes and hyperbikes.XW-Ring seals which have 2 lubrication pools and 3 contact lips, a triple barrier structure to further seal the lubrication and prevent debris to enter the chain. No other chain currently on the market has these features.Designed to be the strongest, long-lasting premium quality XW-Ring equipped chain available on the todays market, with the highest tensile strength of RK series and high rigidity for instant response on acceleration.
  • Hypersport
  • General Street Use
  • Road Racing Use
RK currently has five types of sealed-ring chains and each has its own features and benefits. After several years of development, RK produced the XW seals which drastically improved the chain life and performance.As racing expanded into several different genres, RK added the ultra thin U-Ring and UW-Ring.Each seal is specifically designed for a particular use to provide the ultimate in rotating efficiency while providing longer wear life.